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How to use a microphone! It's basic, but some people still don't know!

Using your microphone, surely it's a case of speaking into the microphone and thats it? Well, some people don't do it right! To avoid unnessesary turning up of your microphones sound levels, get close to the mic, you nose should be touching it. Make sure you don't breathe into the microphone, we advise you invest in a mic cover or pop screen as this can reduce the excess noise and help pronounciation of words come through easier.

Don't touch your microphone or hold it! Have it on a… Continue

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Educators are invited to register their School Radio Station and post details of upcoming live shows that are broadcast on the Internet

Radio kit that starts from £2,995

The Anderton Tiger HUB PLUS - Has everything you need to start a real radio station.  The powerful rack moutned PC and pole mounted 22" touch screen and fab jingle software allow the most professional shows to be easily broadcast around your establishment.  The HUB PLUS with the computer and screen costs just £4,995 plus VAT.  You can also add more guest microphones, more headphones and another MIC LIVE/ON AIR  sign for outside the classroom. 

The HUB starts at just £2,995, for this price you provide the laptop and iPad we provide the jingles and ON-SITE training, this really is exceptional value and a great place to start.
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